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internet connection

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Hi dude's / girl's,

I have a question about playing Doom3 over the
A friend of mine and I tried to connect through direct IP but it didn't work.

Also I was looking for dedicated server to set up one.

So if annyone can help me please do, the sooner there will be a Doom3 instagibb server up :P



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What exactly have you typed in the console? Is either one of you hosting the server? Try setting up a server on your machine if you haven't and get your friend to connect to it.

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I didn't type anything I just installed Doom3 on my server and run it like a dedicated server. Is There anny thing I should change in the config (like in Quake3)???

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BBG said:

You cannot connect to your own server if it is dedicated (AFAIK anyway).

Correct, hence the term "dedicated". A dedicated server must be set up via the doom 3 menu system. As of this writing there are no standalone executables for dedicated servers. Although one still holds out hope for a linux standalone binary, I have yet to hear about a win32 ded server binary.

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