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Doom 3 Glitch

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Im playing Doom3 on my MSI GeForce Ti4200. The performance so far has been nice, quite playble.

But Im having a weird glitch... My gunshots (and also the enemy gunshots) DONT iluminate NOTHING. Its really weird, and it also affects the gameplya, making it harder to play. Imagine yourself entering a dark room and you find your self looking for the enemie... In all other games you will see them because of their shots, but not in Doom 3, the shots dont iluminate the ambient... Weird, isnt? Im pretty sure its a glitch, since ID whould never forget about that.

Anyone with the same problem? Does any one knows how to fix it? I was using some old Detonators drivers and tried to Switch to the Newest, but with no luck...


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Are there any options that involve lighting, like special effects or something? Try turning up/on different settings, and seeing if you get any response. If nothing works, then it might be something with your video card.

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Sounds like a problem with dynamic lighting not being enabled, or the shadowing subsystem on the wrong setting.

Have a look through the Doom3 console commands and try some of those and see if they help. Also, I assume you've tried various different detail levels and setting those back to the defaults?

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I understand it's only enabled on the high/Ultra settings. Another thing to note is the player doesn't cast a shadow* on the low/medium settings.

* there was the video where the players shadow was cast against the door, and the hell knights shadow looms over it. You can enable it from the console with cg_showplayershadow 1 apparently

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