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video freeze problem

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anyone know what to do about my problem - ill play the game, the screen will freeze and the sound will repeat, and about 30 seconds later it will continue as it was. it does it about every 5 minutes, and its pretty annoying. it also happened with far cry, but not with other games, like warcraft 3. i have a 2.4 p4, 1024 ram, ti4600, winxp, newest detonator drivers, and directx9b. suggestions anyone?

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Try earlier video card drivers, make sure you're not overclocking, and that you have no background programs running when you play the game.

Also, try setting your Detonator settings to their defaults. As well as Doom3's own options.

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it did turn out to be a heat problem, it was too hot im my case, i opened it up and played with the case open, and its fine now, so if anyone is having that problem, its heat.

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