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Joypad, come on you just gotta work!

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Checked all over instructions, readme, and settings, could not find anything to activate the joystick. It's gotta be here somewhere, maybe activated from console. Anyone know?

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i heard one guy had probs with his wrists and couldnt play on a keyboard

well, look for Joy2Key or JoyToKey i forget, 1 is for windows and the other is for some other OS

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I have joytokey, it just let's you make your buttons shortcut to keyboard buttons, I don't think it has anything to do with moving.

I hate mouse, hate keybaord, come on id why work 4 years on a game and not add joypad support!

EDIT: ok I fooled around with joytokey more, and now it's awesomely perfect. Whole nother screen of buttons I hadn't seen before. Thanks buddyman!

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Damn man, I was gonna chew you out… :(

Lol well anyway im glad it works for ya

I used JoyToKey with Doom Legacy so I could co-op with my ex, she liked the PS controller and I didn’t have a serial mouse so I used the mouse and keyboard and bound I, J, K, L, to movements and set the D-pad to act as thos keys and she could move and play along with me…

Even back when Medal of Honor: Allied Assault just came out and I’d found JoyToKey I saw may ppl ask this Q and heard of JoyToKey and that it could use a joystick/pad in games that don’t support it and I bound my WASD to the D-pad, mouse1 to a shoulder button and mouse movement/look axie to the analog stick and it worked, albeit not very well because I didn’t spent another half hour to tweak it…

So how much tweaking did it take you? I have my mouse set in windows mouse settings to 6 (one click right from the middle in the slider) and have a sensitivity of around 18… just wondering how it worked out for you, Halo’s crappy mouse pisses me off so bad I haven’t played it yet lol

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Epyo said:

You should really read threads before you post on them.

i did i just posted some links

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