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Need help b/c i want to try RTC-3057

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just got rtc-3057, tried to start it and got two errors which is goddamn annoying b/c i really want to play this.

i) the zdoom.exe file is linked to missing export FMOD.DLL:_FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile@12


ii) C:\doom2\3057hub1.wad

A device attached to the system is not functioning

this is odd as i can play straight up doom2 and udoom through zdoom and also on zdaemon. but opening alternate wad files is the only time this occurs. it is zdoom63a and im running it on winME (yes thats a problem in itself). this only began to happen recently and untill the release of RTC, i haven't given it much thought, but now that i want to play this, i am quite screwed. any help that can solve this would be much appreciated.

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Have you tried re-unzipping 63a.cab over your current zdoom files? Kinda like a reinstall?

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Try installing zDoom into a new directory and copy your configuration files over and try it...

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