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A mod idea for Doom 3...

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Ok I don't know how much people are going to be able to do with Doom 3 as far as modding is concerned but i just thought of an idea.

Anybody remember that Alien mod for the original Doom? I was thinking, I think it would be really cool to have an Alien mod (Or even an Alien Vs Predator mod) for Doom 3 simply because the Graphic's engine could make it almost like the movies.

Think about it, Doom 3 is filled with Dark hallways.... You're a marine with your Motion tracker, you get multiple blips on it... then suddently you hear noises in the distance and before you know it BAM! Xenomorphs slashing at your throat.

And since the lighting effects in Doom 3 are so good... if you had Predators in it the cloaking effect would be interesting to tinker with no?

Just an idea, one that's problably already been thought of multiple times.

Any thoughts / opinions?

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Why don't you just play AVP/AVP2? The engines aren't THAT bad. Just make sound mods/model updates for it and you'll have it right up to the proper level of immersion. It's more about the implementation than the engine...

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I do play AVP2, but I think the Doom 3 engine would still better suit the immersion factor than a suped up half life engine.

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Black Hand said:

The half life engine is a supped up quake 2 version isn't it.

No, it is the quake engine.

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Torn said:

No, it is the quake engine.

Do you mean the orginal HL?

I think the new one is their own engine design.

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