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The "Build On" theme idea again

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Someone (I guess I'll do it) starts an e1 style level. Does like one room. Then I upload it and everyone (yeah right) downloads it and adds another room, and then everyone sends it back to me and I pick the best one. Then I upload that and everyone downloads it and adds onto and it and sends them back to me and I choose the best one and upload it again and the cycle continues until the level is done. These are always fun. Well, actually that's not true. But it hasn't been done that much that I'm aware of. Long time back someone started it and it didn't get too far. Rquires a lot of work from the person who's receiving all the different added on wads. But I don't mind, I got lot of time on my hands.

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That's like the thing Chris Hansen did, right? That's a cool idea except maybe you ought to twist it a bit and take rooms from multiple submissions and put them all together. It would probably go a lot faster, and more people would participate knowing they have a much better chance of their work being included in the final product.

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Yeah, I was thinking of doing that. It depends on the quality of the submissions what I'll do. I got the first room, now I just need some place to upload it.

I'm not sure who it was that did it a while ago.

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The wad will be hosted by Orion at

The wad will be hosted at Orion by

The wad will be hosted

The wad .. the wad by Orion at the site ...

Orion will host the wad by his site

At his site

The link is.. the link for his site...

The address for Orion.. for Orion's page

It won't be uploaded, though, until later.

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