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Multiplayer up to 16 players so far

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I was reading the latest article on gamespot and they have recorded that 16 player servers are already up and running.

" As you may have heard, Doom 3's multiplayer options are limited to just old-school, free-for-all deathmatching...for four players. Actually, though, we've got some good news on this front: We've already found multiplayer sessions that have exceeded the four-player limit--in fact, we've participated in a 16-player battle, which ran surprisingly smoothly. The game's maps even seemed well suited enough for this larger number of players."

Thought you guys might like to know.

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A 16 player deathmatch would be insane, since there's just enough ammo, weapons, and space in the level for 4 players. I'd imagine it would quickly deteriorate into a who can spawn by the strongest weapon the fastest while everyone dukes it out with pistols.

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At least it shows that they were able to set up a stable 16 player DM the day of the release. As soon as bigger maps are available, this will be a very useful option.

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