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My sound keeps cutting out.... :(

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Okay so I just got doom all installed, and everything runs fine for the first 5 minutes or so. And then after that, it just totally mutes. I lose all my sound, completely. The only way to get it back, is to exit the game, and hop back in. Any ideas on what this could be? Please help me somebody :(

Here's my specs:

Creative Audigy 2 Platinum
AMD 2600
ATI 9800 Pro
Asus A7N8X mobo

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I have the same problem as you and also happen to have the same mobo. I'm using the onboard sound though.

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Okay well I figured out a temporary fix for now. If it mutes, go into options, then turn off surround speakers, you sound should come back, then you can turn surround speakers back on, and you should still have sound. Hopefully there's some other permanent fix, but at least with this, the game is playable.

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bind a key to "s_restart", it's quicker.

I see the same problem, Nforce2 chipset, Soundstorm.

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I have the same problem. The game runs flawless otherwise. I will give a shiny nickel to the first person to solve this. C'mon, it's shiny!

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I've been looking around the nforcershq forums to find a fix before I get the game. Unfortunately it's a hardware problem and is due to the chipset running out of bandwidth (lots of sounds and textures being loaded).

The only fixes seem to be:

restart Audio as Arioch pointed out
use stereo instead of 5.1
reduce the video resolution/detail

There are some people who've reduced it by increasing the airflow to the board (chipset getting to hot).

This of course sucks cock, crappy audio in far cry was bad enough :(

*EDIT* run dxdiag and turn hardware acceleration down to 'standard' or 'basic. Apparently this can help a lot.

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Dropping the acceleration down to basic stopped the sound from cutting out, but I've noticed a decent drop in quality in some of the sounds. Especially quiet sounds, or monsters that are behind doors. I've decided to keep it on basic rather then hiting p, which is what I bound to s_restart. Thanks for the help.

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I posted this on the doomplanet thread also.

This is how I fixed the infamous problem.

My relevant setup:
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS
5.1 Creative Speakers
SATA Raid 0 utilized

sound cuts out after a minute of in-game playing when surround sound is enabled and hardware acceleration is set to full.

pseudo-solution #1:
set hardware acceleration to basic

sound only comes out of front speaker, defeating the purpose of surround sound

pseudo-solution #2:
use 3rd party drivers (kxproject)

doom 3 thinks there is 6.1 sound. Surround sound isn't perfect and sounds coming from directly behind player are silent due to 6th speaker missing.

real solution:
reseat Audigy card to PCI slot 4 (haven't tried 1 or 5, though it might work)

PCI Slot 2 shares IRQ with AGP slot
PCI Slot 3 shares IRQ with SATA Controller

This means you have to uninstall your drivers, shut down the computer, move your card to slot 4 (2nd from bottom), start up, reinstall drivers, and apply the 16MB July 29/2004 Patch from creative's site

I don't know if this works with ASUS A7N8X Deluxe or any similar motherboard

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Okay chaps

I got the same problem as well with the sound muting after 5 mins or so , only way to get it back is to exit and reload.
Its not a solution but as anyone noted the following in the console
load your new game not a saved game okay
as soon as you arrive in the station at start before you even move one step bring down your console and look at the message
I get the following straight away which may have something to do with the sound disappearing -



The game is not loading some of the audio for some reason any fresh ideas chaps ?

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