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- Medival -

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I have decided for what it's worth to start a mod for doom3 (i pick it up tomorrow) based in a dark medival world. I know the *radiant editor pretty well, and apparenly the scripting language in doom3 is quite simple. We'll see what happens with idea, but I already have some concept drawings done for the inside of a tavern...

..and I know the drill. Here, let me save anyone a bit of typing:

iori, before you start asking for help on your new mega-cool-and-******* project, make sure you have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of upcoming projects that actually never got done.

Then again, I'm not asking for help just yet ;).

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I thought W-H-A-T-N-O-T was a word, I tried to use it yesterday and I ran the Word 97 red squiggly line test on it and was spelled correctly. I kind of like the spell check built into these forums, but they appear to need a little more work. ;)
Oh yeah, good luck on your project. :)

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