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I'm stuck

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Ok, I'm playen Doom3....
I'm scared I won't lie, but then I get to a point where I can't do anything. Heres' where I am, can anyone help me

I'm in the Hydrolics area, Theres a door but I need security access. I go all through the place looking for two guys PDA's to gain access to the door but I can't find the PDA.

I've searched all the way back to where you gotta time your run past the blue beam of light....

I"m lost, I'm confused and I want to play more doom, but where I'm at....is nothing and no one to shoot...


P.S I know I posted this in the wrong forum already

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It says spoiler filled, I was just being exact

so what do I do? 45 min. of running in circles...its sad and its probly something stupid

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The game is extremely linear, just retrace your steps and you will come upon the PDA you need, probably at the end of a route or something.

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I have been, 45 min....

I've been all the way back to where, I really can't jump or run further.

I jumped down from a window into the Blue lazer room and I don't see a way back out, so I'm asuming thats as far as I can go.

And yes, in that 45 min. I checked every corner

I'm somewhere in the ALpha lab, near the beginning, I think

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Did you go to the end of the laser hallway, there is a vent you need to go through.


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Got through the lazer hall,

all the way to the hydrolic room...

but there is a door that you need a PDA for and I dont' have it.


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Voltas said:

I've gone through the lvl twice now.....and searched it for over an hour

give up......mail your copy to me

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I had the same problem, but now that I've found the PDA I feel kinda silly to have missed it. In the room on the otherside from where the hydrolics door is when then imp pops out there is a ladder in that space. Climb up the ladder and you'll run into a live scientist. Go through the thing that keeps going up and down and you'll find the PDA next to a dead scientist. Drop down the hole and you're right back to the hydrolics door.

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