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people who pre-ordered

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I don't know about other states, but I noticed that Doom III was not on any of the store shelves. Instead, only people who pre-ordered recieved the game....

I live in WA. Did you guys see D3 on store shelves?

Oh well, I pre-ordered and got it at best-buy. But you know, it kind of peeved me off that I payed 10 for pre-order, and when you go to buy the game, they added 8.90% sales tax. Cost me 50. Those bastards.

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Don't feel bad, i payed $85 for overnight shipping to Alaska from Amazon. It'll still be a couple of days for me.

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I live in sweden so i'll get my copy friday after this one. (which btw is friday the thirteenth, ooooh !)

there were alot of "preorder only, no game included" cases on the shelves in the store, so when preordering I asked if I could have one of them to cuddle with while waiting.

so now I got it standing in the bookshelf at home. I also put a burned copy of the Alpha in it just to make it feel more... uuhn.. gotanAlphainitisch ! :)

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Man. Doom III is great!....if I had a better card. Man, the game looks and plays like shit on my gf4mx420 64mb card. I'm gonna stop playing until I get a new card.

768 MB RAM
GF4 MX420 64MB

I turned everything off in advanced options except vsync, and I'm getting very smooth, but not very pretty gameplay.

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