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Multiple Chex Quests?

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I'm aware that Boingo is working on an Ultimate Chex Quest thing, but I think I have played multiple versions of Chex Quest:
The original: Same as always
Part 2: I've played the one inside of the Ultimate CQ, and I think I played a fan made one (you start off in a little room, the shotgun zorcher looks a lot different)
Part 3: Yeah, I've played that. The fan made one only
Part 4 and 5: Never played

I find it kind of weird how there's 2 versions of Chex Quest 2. One's official (I guess) and ones not.

The Chex Quest 2 I played (I guess the fan made one) was really weird. Almost all the guns were different and some flemoids didn't make any sense.

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Yeah, I just want to make sure.

I don't know where I got the fan made version of part 2.

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