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First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.2

First person shooter lounge will be a well as phat or whack...and Caleb always dies...kinda like kenny...

Duke:I just spent $5000

DOOM:On what?

Duke:Umm...erm...well...a...*says this part fast* stripper...

DOOM:Havent you been going to your stripper-holics meetings?

Duke:Yeah but only to find chicks that like male they can strip for me...

Caleb:My friend,you have a problem.

Duke:So do you!Its called BLOOD 2!Heh.

Caleb:That was a mistake so blow it out yer ass!

Duke:Copying me?Take this!*grabs DOOM's BFG 9000 and procceeds to blow Caleb to little tiny gibs*

Duke:See you in Hell!

DOOM:No.I will.My games are set on Mars and Hell.

Duke:Oh yeah...then again no one plays your games anymore,they like real manly games.

DOOM:yeah...well last time I checked there was a DOOMWORLD but what happened to DUKEWORLD?It got sold!Heh.

Duke:Fuck you!
*An Imp enters the room*

Imp:Hey!Where is the baddies lounge?

DOOM:I have no clue! bad guys suck!
*Caleb is respawned*

Caleb:Hey...that hurt!

Imp:Not as much as this!
*Imp hurls fireball,knocking Caleb's head off*

Imp:I killed him to show you what will happen to you if you piss me off.

Duke:So?We hate him...

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yeah, this is entertainment.....

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