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doesn't tgo know charlotte has already made a homepage of doomserv?

the link will be up *soon*

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I think TGO's contribution to the DooM community actually is quite admirable, especially as he (I presume) enters geek-mode on relatively rare occasions. As a married man and a proud daddy, he most certainly has other priorities in his life.

For the record, I've played hundreds of fun ZDooM deathmatches on DoomServ during the past 1.5 years. Thanks to TGO, I was able to - with zero effort - find dozens of very cool people willing to serve as fragbait. On top of it all, several of them even possess quite decent deathmatching skills.

Obviously, I am familiar with (most of?) the other ways of DooM deathmatching, and know how to use them. I don't mind launching games manually from the dos command prompt, having been a regular user of MS-DOS for some 13 years, but on DoomServ, a fun game is only a couple of clicks away. Sure, fragbait is available on the servers running various client-server based ports, but those ports refuse to shoot what I'm aiming at when I pull the trigger (you don't need to fill me in on the technical details behind that). That's not DooM. This is why I consider DoomServ + ZDooM to be the next best thing after doom2.exe v1.9 played on LAN or on the MSN Gaming Zone (preferably with low pings).

Oh, by the way, does anyone here actually believe that my games on DoomServ could have been more enjoyable, had it been written in another programming language?


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Hey, NC

glad to see ya here. As much as I concern about Doomserv, visual basic seems it's the only tool to build doomserv, i suppose. I'm so not sure. Anyway, if I have time in the future and I will have the full version of Visual Basic 6.0, I would like to try to build Doomserv when I graduate from my visual basic class that the course I'm taking at school.

Seriously, TGO really paid off a lot of effort to bring doomserv to this world. If there weren't doomserv, I wouldn't know where I could play the least fair game with my ungodly lag. Doomserv doesn't suck that much if you have it setting up properly and deal with it well, you shouldn't have a problem. The most common problem in doomserv is the message would get blanked out sometimes. It's because Doomserv's window is not allowed users to drag the mouse cursor to activate anything in that area. So if you encounter this blanking message out problem, double-click on your own name or others's name to send a private message. Then it'll be back to normal.

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