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Enabling left-handed weapons

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Quite a simple hack, just enter the following at the console (CTRL+ALT+~):

"g_guny 8"

That shifts the gun weapon model to the left of the screen. Substitute "8" for whatever you like to adjust the position (4 or 5 gives you centered weapons for you old-school Doom fans).

Note I refer to it as a hack, because all weapon models are designed for right-handed view. So the shotgun looks a bit weird, and your fists and grenades will be offset too - which looks odd as well.

But there you go!

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So there is no mirror command? Odd. Wouldn't be that difficult to implement I would think.

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Yeah no mirroring command that I can see (ala Quake II), spent a few hours looking through all the commands on the console and nothing remotely fitting that description is implemented.

Guess a dedicated mod will have to be made for proper mirroring.

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