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I have a pentium 1.6ghz 1 gb of ram windows xp geforce fx 5200 and a sound blaster live card. Every time a load up the game during the id screen the sound works fine but when I click on new game and it goes to the loading screen when it get off the loading screen and you start to hear the lady voice everything repeats I pressed esc to get to the game and anytime I talk to somebody all it does is constantly repeat. What I have done so far is upgraded to directX 9.0C I've also installed the newest geforce drivers and I was trying to install the new sound blaster live drivers now it will go through the installiation and after that I will have to reboot my computer after it comes up no sound what so ever I've tried to install the patch after I installed the drivers no go. I have to uninstall the drivers and go back to the windows wdm drivers that are automatically put in there because it is windows xp and those drivers are native to xp. I just tried the game on medium and low setting still the same problem I'm lost right now I can't think of anything else to try and why I'm experiencing this problem if anybody has any suggestion please post them thank you

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Go to dxdiag (Start > Run > dxdiag) and turn sound acceleration down a notch if it is at the end of the slider, hopefully it will help you.

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