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Anyone Notice This?

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t the very beginning of the game before you even report for duty, head to the break room. Now, get up really close to the cheeseburger carton from Billy Goat burgers or something and check out their symbol. :D Nice little foreshadowing there!

And for those that still don't get it or just too impatient to find out, the goat's head is the position one uses when placed on a Satanic pentagram.

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Actually yeah, I did notice that. Impossible for me to miss considering how much time I spent exploring every bit of that first map :P

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Yes, just because I know what a pentagram looks like and what generally goes inside of it (that demon's head on the doom marble texture is not generally what goes in there) I must be a Satanist and into ritual sacrifice. Uh huh. I see.

By that logic, the guys at id must be into it too because they also know about the goat head.

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