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Always Run - How To Bind?

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I want to always run and have the shift key be walk.

I have tried modifying DoomConfig.cfg:

seta in_alwaysRun "1"

I have tried at the bottom of that config:

set in_alwaysrun 1

I have tried entering into the ~ console:

set in_alwaysrun 1
seta in_alwaysRun "1"

Neither works. Any help would be appreciated. Getting tired of holding down the sprint button.

Note: I accidentally posted this in Classic, not a crosspost.

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Always run only works in multiplayer. Your sprinting capabilities drain in single player.

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Umm, guys dont you see what he's asking?

he wants run around and then hold shift to walk, i'd like something like that too, see the stamina only goes down when you move, stand still with shift held and it'll incress till full and only decrees when you move in 'running state'

yes, you walk a lot in D3 but when a shotgun or machinegun zombie JUMPS out shooting i have to RUN the hell away while aiming and firing. If only i didn't have to think about holding down the shift key in that crises but instead be burdened by holding shift to walk when all is calm.

And as it is i just hold shift down most of the time and when i stop to look at something, pull out the flashlight and check the area the stamina returns

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this goes back to the no flashlight and weapon at the same time
lol it just dont make sence not to have it in game.
im not sure if doom3 works like 2k4 files, but
some times its not 1 its true or false
not sure if that applies but ive used that on lots of other games.

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Exactly HackNeyed, that is exactly what I'm talking about.

Let me WALK when I want to walk and I'll deal with the stamina problem myself. I have only run out of stamina once so far. Maybe there will be a mod for this later from ID or elsewhere.

As for you kabe, whats wrong with having a flashlight and a gun up at the same time? Lets see, I have a flashlight in one hand and I have a pistol in the - oh, yes, my pocket.

Course say anything negative and you get to sing captain picard...

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Wacky: This is spoiler-free, please do not post spoilers in here.

And in_alwaysrun is for multiplayer only. You cannot set it to always run in single player (without some more extensive modding no doubt). Yes doom works in a 0/1 fashion, not true/false.

If you feel that it should not be set up this way, present the issue to the activision support boards, and (especially if others have mentioned it) it may become an option in later patches/updates.

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