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doom III uk relese date

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plus, if all over europe its going to be realesed on friday 13th (aka, good friday) wat sorta creepy shit u thinks gonna happan, is the world going to be enveloped into hell, will the dead rise? we'll just have to see wont we.....UNLESS ITS ACTUALLY RELEASED ON THE 9TH!

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Deathmatcher said:

@[FnG]Lazz: You have to wait till the 13th or what? This is bad. I live in Germany and I would joke around with a friend that we´d book a low cost flight to London just to get the game earlier when it will be released. Now I hear it will indeed ship this late in the UK. Can´t you get the US-Version earlier? I get mine in two days (hopefully).

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sambobbilly said:

firday the 13th is supposed to be a day of bad luck, i think anyway, has no one heard of good friday?

Good Friday is a holiday to remember the day that Jesus was crucified. It's the Friday before Easter.

It has nothing to do with Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is just a day supposedly full of bad luck.

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I doubt it was moved from the 9th as all games as far as I know are now released on Friday's in the UK.

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Activision are fucking retarded morons. So are all the bloody game publishers who insist on this "You can have your precious game the second Friday after every other bastard on Earth," rule.

Hopefully one of the big chains will sell the game, even mistakenly, on the 6th. And hopefully they will come on the web and boast about getting it from whatever dipshit retailer it was, and then hopefully the floodgates will open.

Woolworths are often a good bet - crap shop staffed by mostly clueless muppets. Bless 'em. No offence meant to anyone that works there.

If it aint out Friday 6th, I'm not waiting any longer. I've pre-ordered it, but I didn't cough up £300 for a 6800GT so that some dickhead in a suit at Activision UK could make me wait yet another week for my gaming kicks, while he motors happily down the M4 in his expensive German twat-chariot gibbering into his mobile moan.

FUCK that for a game of Take-My-Money-And-Shaft-Me-Up-The-Arse.

What the fuck is the point of publishers anyway? They suck up the rightful profits of the game developers, while screwing the fans too. Bittorrent has shown pretty bloody effectively that the useless middle-man is redundant. Devs like id should sell the game direct online, and take all the profit where it's due. Jebus, it's the 21st fucking century. Broadband has arrived already. Let's cut out the dead wood for fucks sake!

I've had enough. Why I've even bothered to not d/l it before now is a mystery to me...

Gods bless id!

The fucking devil take their publisher! I wouldn't piss on an Activision exec if his BMW went up in a fireball as he ploughed head on into a concrete piling while boring the new sales-girl on the mobile. At least not until he'd already burned to death. I'd toast some fucking marshmallows off the flames, then piss on his charred corpse, quaff a nice draught of good red, and light a fat one in the happy knowledge that one more punk had gone to a much, much worse place. Where I would shortly be along to give him some shotgun therapy... ;)


Ah, I feel better now...

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The place I ordered from:

say it will be released on the 13th :(

One thing I HATE about living in the UK is that games are ONLY released on a Friday whereas the rest of the world get them on the day they are released.

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