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Shotgun flashlight?

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Is it just me, or isnt there a flashlight sitting under the nozzle of the shotgun? :)

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I think it looks like some kind of bayonet attachment.

[EDIT] Whoops now I see what you mean. Yeah could be a flashlight, or another gun barrel which was modelled but never used in the game.

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By someone who knows about firearms first, it's not a "nozzle". The end of the bore or barrel is a "muzzle", unless you want to talk about a garden hose.

Second, it looks like the shotgun was modeled after a mossberg 500 series or a benelli M90 shotgun with a tactical slide. The tactical slide can hold either a laser sight or yes, a flashlight, and is generally used as a door breach weapon.

It's classic though. All the latest first person shooters who model real firearms (or take concepts from real firearms) do a great job of constructing the models, but sometimes neglect why those components are part of the weapon in the first place. This is an example.

It ranks right up there with not being allowed to hold a flashlight and a pistol at the same time. A little tactical and defense pistol training, and whoever modeled the pistol and flashlight, and whoever developed the game's behavior would have included this. You should be able to tilt the shotgun up and turn on the flashlight. Perhaps give it a rechargeable battery rate or something....

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