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Were can I get a stand alone editor?

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I have big gaps at school ( like 4+ hours). Now last year I used to make levels for MOHAA in my spare time using MOHRadiant.

seeing how doom 3 uses Radiant....Im already half way done my level (since I know how to use it :) )

So what I was wondering is if there is a stand alone editor so I can build my level at school. I cant go install the game there on every computer I use just to make some maps.. that would take too long/ too much space. I need a stand alnoe editor i can install too my Personal network directory I get for school and just load that up from any computer im on

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hmm thats not fun. for MOHAA you could download all that as part of a standalnoe for only like 2mb.

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I was gonna post this but BBG beat me to it (heh). Yeah, there WILL be a GTK version of Doom3Radiant... Main reason it's not supported in any current builds (perhaps the standard brushes and patches can be imported from other builds) is because of the more advanced geometry operations, and also the realtime rendering system for the game.

There WILL be a release out for it soon... You'll just need to wait for a bit.

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