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Myth or Fact

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I've been browsing other forums on Doom 3, and may people have been saying that if you un zip the .pak files in you doom directory into the main directory the game will load faster and atcually run better, at the sacrifice of HD space. Is this true or not and if someone has done this could they possibly explain the process that it was done. Thanks to those who reply...

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Good question. But I'll be kind and move this, rather than just helling it. This time.

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This was posted in the classics? WOW......... how did you get that wrong, mistakes happen but you must not be sleeping well.

Well since im cruising the Doom3 forum and saw this i'll tell you what i found. I found that it took more HD space and took LONGER to load but might have improved over all in game performance slightly... i hear its better for older PCs but newer faster ones don't see much gain.

I copied everything but the 4 paks to another Dir and then unzipped the paks to that dir to test it, but by changing

seta image_useCache "1"
seta image_cacheMegs "256"
seta image_cacheMinK "20000"

is where i saw real improvement... just make cacheMegs 1/4th your RAM, as i have a gig i went with 256

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alexz721 said:

Or you could lock it, as there's another topic about the same thing:

OK, thanks for the suggestion.

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