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Okay here is my problem. I have installed and re installed 3 times.
I have updated every driver I can think of. I have gone through most of Activision Supports FAQs and tried their fixes, I have defragged, scandisked, deleted all temp files and STILL I cannot run this game and I dont know why. I get the Box cover art screen and a blank program icon in my toolbar. Thats it, game doesnt actually Load. Sounds almost like my cd-rom hesitates and then dies. Computer is only 1-1.5 months old here are specs.

AMD Athlon XP 2800
KT6V motherboard
80 Gig hard drive with 8 MB buufer
Sound Blaster Live

I have been waiting OOOOh so long and I cant stand it anymore. I even tried using those Beta Catalyst ATI drivers and the VIA driver for my motherboard but NOTHING. Only thing I can think of is maybe my CD has a bad Batch file that is keeping the game from starting. ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP A GAMER IN DIRE NEED!!!!!!

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your system checks out from what your wrote, i would recommend taking the game back to where you got it, and exchanging it for another copy. A bad write is possible.

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thats only happened to me once. also i bought duke3d and it had no disk! and they would not give me a new copy, so i stole it and put my copy back (fucking walmart)

Nomad soul did that to me. also turn shit off in the back ground, stuff like aim, cd burning software and shit like that.
what OS, hopefully win2000/Xp i have heard issues with 2003 server and possibly 64 bit betas

if you have win95/98/98SE/ME then no, either update or wait for the linux version

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could be your cd rom

my dvd rom died a while back. first it wouldnt play dvd's, then it stopped reading cd's (it was very sudden).

if you have an alternate rom drive (like a burner) try playing/loading from there.

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