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How to get Doom 3 to work for 9x/ME(tutorial!)

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This is old but thought I'd ask why no one mentioned the vcache setting for Windows 9x OS's? This has to be one of the main reasons Doom 3 wasn't supported in Win9x. Unless everyone uses less than 512mb of ram here there's no problem with the vcache (except with Doom 3 not having as much memory), otherwise you have to enable the vcache settings in Windows 9x with 512mb or more ram. This is a known flaw with the way Windows 9x and ME used memory as cache. They were really fast OS's though.

Personally got more frames per second and less hitching on a tweaked Windows Me install (using windows 95 explorer shell) and no swap file. Had 1gb of dual channel DDR ram, Asus a7n8x deluxe mobo, xp 3200 Barton CPU, audigy 2 sound card, and radeon 9700 pro. Had a dual boot config with Xp. Used 1024x768 resolution and managed about 24-47 fps; no anti aliasing or anisotropic filtering (did use anisotropic filtering sometimes anyway with not much more slowdown). Also had to change cache settings in doom 3 cfg. Used high detail too.

Personally want to see this game with medium detail on a Geforce 3 to observe the game run on the targeted hardware (this game was technically impressive during the 2000-2001 demos but it dragged on too much and released in 2004).

Personally find the original Doom more technically impressive; especially since programmers at that time did most of their own stuff through software and had to be creative (programmers now a days only have to worry about api's doing the work and dumping it all to a gpu; you end up with less unique games this way since you have to write your program for the GPU and shaders rather than being limitless. Great graphics as seen in older Pixar movies ran purely on cpu for instance; ironically games aren't only graphics anyway). Personally think the best programmers were around in the 90's; especially ones that did assembly like the only choice available.

BTW, is doom 3 still the only game that does per pixel lighting; every pixel interacting with shadows and lighting?

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Hi I'm trying to install DOOM 3, non BFG edition, on my nephew's older gateway laptop (yikes..ikr) so far it's stuck on 0.0% unpacking archives.the laptop was given to him and I was looking through it and seen it had the DOOM3 setup.exe. so i was like "sweet" anyways it the laptop is kinda old but it has windows XP professional on it. Any help would be appreciated. Like i said I clicked on setup to install and it got to unpacking archives 0.0% and hasn't moved in a long time.

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