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video idea: infighting

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heres an idea for the demo making community (or anyone really)

put on godmode and run around recording monster infighting. they cant kill you, but they can for damn sure kill each other (or you can also record funny deaths...)

i saw a mancubus get launched into the cieling from a grenade, it looked like it was doing a belly flop when it landed. (big monsters dont seem to be efected physically by explosives until the final blow... then they can really fly).

ive already seen some pretty good (and sometimes pretty funny) infighting. i think it would make for some good video material.

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Regarding funny deaths, the fists seem to do a good job. I clubbed three zombies to (un?)death with the flashlight, nothing spectacular. Then I punched one out, and he did a freakin' cartwheel.

I keep seeing what appears to be zombies shoving each other out of the way. Are they really fighting or is this the AI's way of getting "unstuck"?

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i ran around in some of the later levels on god mode after i beat the game and noticed something. after playing for like 40 minutes i could not get a single fight going between enemies. maybe the AI simply doesnt allow enemies to attack you while you have god mode on?

several times i cleary saw an imp walk into a z-sec's fire or a z-sec get nailed from behind by imp fire... and they did nothing. kept trying to hit me instead of turning on each other.

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