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Zalman Surround Headphones ?

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I have a set.

It's good. Not as good as if you really had a good set of positioned speakers, but still good.

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Ok, but what do you think about the surround effects ? I mean, I can't really notice any effects/sounds that's suppose to come from the back. If I compare to Call of Duty for example, where the sound and surround effects are damn good, Doom3 seems to be an ordinary "stereo game". I'm using an Audigy 2 soundcard by the way.

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Some things to check:

surround speakers option turned ON in doom configs
speaker configurations set properly in Windows and/or Audigy drivers


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True that. I've (allready) set the Windows sounds options to 5.1 and same for the Audigy 2 set up. In Doom the surround sound option is turned On/Yes. Still I believe there is no surround sound in the game... This is such a shame really :/

Thanks for the tip though :)

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