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Doom 3 clicking sound

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Hey guys, I'm experiencing a strange clicking sound in Doom 3. It sounds similar to the default IE sound that you hear every time you click on a hyperlink. Only in-game, it seems to happen whenever I move. And no, it's NOT my footsteps, it seems to co-incide with my character's movement but does not happen with EVERY footstep. Maybe only 80% of the time. It's just a little odd and getting a tad annoying!

I have an Abit NF7-S so my sound is nForce2. I've installed the latest nForce unified driver 4.27, which installed audio driver v4.21. I tried downgrading the audio driver but that didn't help. I have an Sapphire ATI 9600XT which I tried both overclocked and not, but that didn't help. My CPU is an Athlon XP 2500+ which I have overclocked to 11x200fsb. Haven't tried underclocking yet.

Any ideas?

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Cut from a post on shacknews:

extract pak003 into your doom 3 directory, then rename the original pak file to get it out of the way. (It is a standard zip file, rename it to .zip if you have to for extraction)

Once extracted, go into base\sound\ed\player\steps\ and delete or rename step10.ogg

It seems to be a problem with that one sound effect. That way you can enjoy all the other sound effects and just leave that one out

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If you edit your pak files you can't use multi player. You will gett a missing pak error!

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