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wtc attack

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I think that the following steps should be taken to prevent more important buildings (like the Capitol) from being attacked:

-Make a DOOM TC where you kill digitized Arabs.

-Send out turrets and tanks and make them shoot down anything that flies, including birds, which might have explosives strapped to them.

-If Osama bin Laden is the culprit, declare war on Afghanistan, level the country, and kill bin Laden through drawing and quartering. If Afghanistan has monuments or landmarks, destroy them.

-Make posters showing bin Laden with Adolf Hitler's head superimposed on bin Laden's.

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Yeah, right.

OK, seriously: there's already a comments thread on the Doomworld main page for this, as well as a separate thread in the POTD, which I think is already one extra thread too many. Please stick to the designated thread on the Doomworld news for talking about this. It'll get very irritating and confusing to some people to have the same discussion with the same people going on in 3 or 4 different places. I'm gonna lock any other threads on this and redirect the posters to the comments thread on the main page as well, not because it's a hot topic but just to try and keep this topic somewhat centralized. Thanks.

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