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Door opening inwards... wth?

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Hi guys.. Im just getting started using the editor and ive run into a few problems that I suspect you folks can squash for me. First, my doors don't open... the door moves about 6 inches away... like its opening back instead of side to side. Wierd.. I can't seem to figure that out. 2nd, Every tutorial i see shows the textures in the "cam" view. All i see is the wireframe view. I looked in all the menus and I get nothing... :(

Oh and 1 more thing.. I click "Help" hoping for an index or built in tutorial or something..... but the button does nothing.

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I figured out the cam part... anyone able to help with the doors? Im really stuck here. Basically the door instead of moving sideways, moves about 6 inches away from me... obviously i cannot progress since the door is still in my face. I can't seem to change this outcome. I have tried flipping and rotating the door.... no change :(

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LOL ok so now i figured out the door thanks to a tutorial that was referred to me in email.... If anyone else has this problem Ill be happy to try and help.

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