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doom 3 new bug please help me :

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i have the same bug like everyone else here white/red dots in the game.
but i also get strange game graphics detection.
the game detect my graphics on 640X480. medium .

my system is : pentium 4 2.8ghz 800mhz
1 gb memory two units of 512 each. dual channel.
200 gb h.d

ati sapphire 9800 pro 128mb card.

has anyone else here got this auto detection problem so he detect the system on medium only ? ( even if you have strong system like mine)

at least it should detect my system on high res. not medium.

please answer me ppl if this detection hardware problem is only in my game or someone else have it too.

thnx a lot !

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Many people have noted that the game detects settings in a very conservative fashion. Just bump up the settings yourself :)

Cant help you with the other problems though :/

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I'd like to add that even at medium quality the game looks awesome.

High quality should be limited on auto detect to video cards with 256 MB of ram, ultra quality is limited to cards with 512 of ram and medium is default for 128 MB.

This has to do with texture sizes and what can actually fit into video memory with out making the card "hiccup" as it loads textures that don't fit for a particular level.

meaning, you can run at a higher setting but you will have some hiccups when it has to load/unload additional textures.


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