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Zsnes movies going arwy

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It seems whenever I watch a Zsnes movie, it plays normally for a while but then starts to get out of sync and messes up badly. Like, a character will start running in circles and shooting at nothing and such.

I was watching Fredrik's Super Metroid speedrun movie and it was normal up until the first Ridley fight. Samus started to do all these things like shooting at walls and running around in circles and jumping into walls. Wtf is going on?

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At the Castlevania Dungeon, there are some CV4 movies done by Paul Lucas recorded in znes that encounter this same problem. It is explained that the game has certain randomness in the enemy encounters that is not recorded into the movie file, and thus you may have to try rerunning a few of the movies until they work properly. It may be the same case for whatever you're trying. Here are the movies:


They are recorded on an old version of znes, so good luck finding it. :)

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Perhaps they're created in the WIP's, or your roms are the wrong version. Also leave "percent to execute" to 100%.

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