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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.3

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Duke:Hey!Who's this guy?

DOOM:Oh,him.*points to a big guy,holding an axe and smiling an evil smile*.Hes Ranger,ya know the guy from QUAKE.

Ranger:Me kill things much.

DOOM:Hes go the brains of drywall but hes strong.

Ranger:Umm...coffee?Me coffee needs now!

Duke:I see what you mean.Hey,Ranger!Whats 12 + 12?

Ranger:Urm...?Mes head hurts many!

DOOM:Ok...that was a little tough for him.

Caleb:Whats up guys?Whos this?

Ranger:Me Ranger.Me mean,strong and the heritic guy thinks me sexy.Hes weird.

Caleb:*whispering to DOOM*Whats up with this guy?Hes about as smart as a truck!

DOOM:*Evil grin*He likes to be called dumbass.

Caleb:Hey dumbass,what game are you in?

Ranger:Call dumbass me?*Ranger looks pissed and roars*Kill you now!*Grabs Caleb by the neck and chokes him.Calebs face turns purple and he collapses,dead*

Ranger:Me do good?

DOOM:*VERY BIG SMILE >:)*Yeah,you did really good!

Duke:Move over,I gotta rip his head off and shit down his neck.

DOOM:After your done,I gotta piss like a racehorse!

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