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I just purchased Doom 3 and its outta this world. However, a minor annoyance, the rear speakers do not work! I have tried enabling surround sound, but it will not allow me. I checked the audio control panel and everything is hunky-dory. Any ideas? My sound card is a SB Audigy and I have a Cambridge 4.1 system. Thanks in advance.

-Chezmoi the Death Rabbit

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LOL :) I have noticed some other things like a small crackle after the voices in the pda recordings. I'm beginning to think that I have a bigger problem than just a Doom 3 issue. One of the games that came with my Audigy 2 was Tomb Raider AOD. It wouldn't even acknowledge that I had any EAX capabilities. I didn't really care since the game was pretty crappy, and EAX seems to be running fine on other games such as Thief:DS. I have the newest drivers for my card. Any suggestions; does anybody experience similar issues, perhaps?

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Did you uninstall your previous sound driver before installing the new ones? I would recommend going into add/remove programs and remove all the sound drivers you find, then re-installing the ones you want to use.

And you have 4.1 surround? Didn't want to spend money on that last speaker or what?


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Now don't be dissing 4.1. When you can get a brand new 4.1 system with a fat sub, at nearly half the price of a comparable 5.1 system, why spend the extra money?

Anyway to get the surround sound for me, I had to have 5.1 set in my contol panel. It seems that Doom 3 does not let you turn on surround unless you have 5.1 or 6.1 selected. I don't know why they don't like us 4.1 and 4.0 guys, but hey.

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