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Doom 3.exe error message

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I hopes it can me still help, if I start Doom 3 come at the beginning only times no sound with the Intro, but only if I press on the left mouse button, and then I can break it off also only!!
Afterwards if I want to start the Game come if I with the elevator down drive must (completely at the beginning) Doom 3.exe error message (where one the error message to send can and so) and then fall the Game. Windows XP Professional has also few updates and service a pack 1 (without the Servive pack and the updates the same error LCL dung came). I Have also the newest Diagram map driver of nVidia.
My system
3.0 GHZ
875 P Neo
1024 MT RAM (clock frequency 400 MHz)
GeForce 3 TI 200 (however loosely on medium quality zocken without it jerk ELT can!!)

HP: Before Windows XP Professional with the service pack 1 and 2 had and a few updates of Windows and with these .... fell the Soiel in the place starting from where I with the elevator again highly simply in such a way to drive had (are then simply back come on the Desktop without an error message)!!

Please my grammar and orthography excuses, are German hope you can me help would like that finally to play to be able!!!

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