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< I didnt know if I should put this here or in technical supprt, move as needed >

I tried what the readme said to install ultra_graphics thingie.
It said put the .pk4 in doom 3/base, launch game and goto mods and enable it.

However I goto the Mod list to only see Doom 3.

What have I done wrong...?

EDIT: Remove this, ths readme didn't state put goto Doom 3 dir, make a folder, put .pk4 file in it.

However now I got a new question, if I put two mods in the same folder, could I load them both at once allowing me to have the changes of both...?

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yeah in theory, as long as they dont overlap, and by that i mean, xmod.pk4 changes the imp's skin to a clown outfit and zmod.pk4 changes the imp's skin to a ninja... if you run the Dir with both mods in it then you'll get a bunch of ninjas because that was the last pak to be read (alphabetical) and its change to the game are used.

On that note i can see how it could brake things, lets say a mod changes 2 things that relie on one another for the wanted effect but another mod over takes part of it so the 1st mod only half works...

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Yah, if you don't overlap it works fine. I got the utral shadows, ungibbiler, and another body mode that adds blood. All in one mod folders I've titled Single Player Mods.

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