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stuck in 3057 - anyone a good tip?

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Hi foks

First - since this is my fist posting here - a big thanks to the doomworld guys and to all those wad/deh/... creators out there. I really appreciate your work, I'm coming to doomworld each sunday and watch for new wads, reviews and general doom news.
2nd: Sorry if my English isn't perfect or if I use some odd sounding words. But English isn't my native language.

Well, back to my question. (I hope not everyone is busy with D3...)
I'm stuck in the great 3057. (related sysinfo: zdoom v 2.63, W32, no own deh-files or other stuff, just plain doom2-iwad and the 3057wad.)
I made my way out of the cells (deck 4), visited bridge (deck 1), the personnel rooms (deck 2), the hangar (3) and the storage (deck 5).
The problem is that I can't get any further on deck 5. Since there is contamination some doors won't open. There's an air-tunnel but there's a golden/brown seal in it. (From NOCLIPing/IDDTing I know that there's a camera room and a control panel which would open it, but if I remember correctly that control panel is only available through a red door. (I don't have any key yet!)) The air control doesn't do much, regardless if I cut the cables near or not, and cleaning air/steam is access denied. And I didn't find much to do in the hangar area besides blowing out that Cyb. (Was he expected to release some item when dying? A keycard maybe?) Not much of things available to do on the bridge either and so on the personnel deck. Most things are access denied or say that there wouldn't be enything needed to do. Or is there any way to deactivte the laser field?

(I've made some screenshots but I don't have online space to post them.)

A 2nd question would be: What are those dancing bananas good for? (-> secret room on deck 4 with the pattern to activate on the ground) I fear it's an insider joke and I didn't get it. Or was it supposed to contain some stuff and it was forgotten later in development?

Thanks for any attempt to help and stop tcpa.

[ search keywords: 3057 3057hub1 ]

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Search the hangar, and you will find there is a Red keycard in there somewhere, but when you pick it up dont go into your log to read the new entry right away, because monsters will appear and attack you

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As far as I remember, the first thing you need to proceed with 3057 from where you've stuck, is the red keycard. It can be found in the hangar bay. Won't tell you more, since it wouldn't be any fun then.

And that dancing banana? It's just an easter egg. Don't tell me you've been trying tu activate it or somethin'

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Explanation of the dancing banana.

The infamous "banana" emoticon was found on a free emoticons page a while back, and its popularity spread so far that people got sick of seeing it dance all the time. Most forums now have it banned, or its image replaced with something else (like a sign that says "I AM TEH LAME!!1"). I guess Team Future made it their mascot, and hid it in the secret room there.

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Ah! Thanks a lot to all the helpers!
Well, I must admit that I'm lame or at least I had too much university last time... I found the red key. Well. I even tried to shoot the box in the hangar before, climb onto it... do whatever seemed possible. And then it was just lying around... uh.

*sigh* Now I'm through. So fast. I'll miss the tight atmosphere, the music, everything. I hope too see another release from this quality development group! I'll recommend that wad to my friends, there are still some more of them playing DooM. But no one so excessive like me :)
And I'll have a look at rampage.

And thanks for the explanation with the bananas. Well, it was obvious that it was an easter egg (I also found another one with some boy who rules a lot - also didn't really understand (some developer?)).
But in the first moment I was expecting a secret, but didn't find anything in there so I tried to use/shoot the bananas...
Now I know it's just an annoying emoticon.
| \
| O|
|/ \
| |

If I'm already on WAD questions: Did anyone get that [spoiler following] boxthrower in Scuba's Action DooM break that window in the spaceship? [end spoiler]

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Ah, thanks. I already tried but now I assume I have to shoot for quite a long time. (maybe skill has influence on it?)
I was just trobled up since the first crack in the window seemed to come from such a box hitting it.

Thanks. I'll blast that guy out at one.

[edit some minutes later]
Aaah. Sad. It's over. Why do all those nice wads and mods end so soon? At least I made a nice score of 324777.

If I may ask another question:
Did anyone make it through the car chase in Action DooM? There was that bridge in the 2nd level (crumbling), a heavy wpn dude to jump over at the other end and then the path had two choices, straight forward into a mass of zombies and towers or to some kind of UPS car. When I took the way to the UPS car a chase followed, but I never managed to get further than into the jeep behind the UPS car. I never got anywhere else from there since jumping away would kill me probably with a chance of 99%.

Oh, and I think I made something wrong with that car racing game automate. I nearly didn't get any curve.

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