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i have a AMD Athlon 2400+ @ 2.0 ghz
ati Radeon 9800 pro @ 128mb
512 DDr Cosair Ram

and Doom 3 is slow on Small Screen 640x480 , Low Detail

i have directX 9.0c , new Cattalis drivers (ati)

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Moved to appropriate forum. Also, your problem has been discussed before; I suggest you look around for other posts describing poor performance in relation to the ATI Radeon 9800.

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You also may find that extracting the .pk4 files in the doom 3/base directory then putting them in a folder. (IF you have about 2+ more gigs of space and above 600-700 ram) it will help you out on fps, doesn't really affect peoples fps if they got 2.2ghz+ if I recall...

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