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I just want to let people know that you dont have to have the latest and greatest to enjoy this game. I have a BFG-Tech Asylum GeForce 4 TI-4200, and I can run this game fine with no visual lags - in medium quality at 1024x768 resolution. It also runs rather smooth at high quality, 640x480 - but if you push it to 800x600 in high quality, it starts lagging.

My full specs:

AMD Athelon XP 2100+
1 GB PC-2700 RAM
Chaintech 7NJL1 nForce 4 Motherboard
BFG-Tech Asylum GeForce 4 TI4200 (128 MB)

Has anyone else been supprised on the fact that this game runs rather smooth on lower-end systems?

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His specs:
Pentium 4 1.3 GHZ
512 MB RAM
Geforce 3 Ti200 (64mb)
Latest Detonator Drivers ( No AA, No Anisotropic, Highest Performance in control panel )

He runs Doom 3 with Ulta High, 800x600 Resolution, No shadows, and judders with 2+ enemies or a lot of active machinery in a room.

Other than that his is doing quite good, for a very low end computer.

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Well, I wish my proccessor is what my dad said what he got me..but it is running rather good for my rather crap system(30-40 fps in non active room/little scenery, 10-15 figthing more then 4-8 monsters or lots of machinery, regardless of monsters):

Intel Celuron 1.0Ghz(was told it was 1.5)
nVidia GeForce2MX400
256MB Ram
Factory Defualt soundcard(doesn't work with Windows98SE);motherboard;processor

I am also playing on 640x480, no "eye-candy" on, low quality. Oh well, I can still play it :D

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