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.new files?

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Sometimes when I do clean up with Wintex, it will make a .new file of the wad? What's that? .old files are just the wad before you cleaned them up but what is a .new file?

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I notice that too. I think it only happens when there's already an .old file there. Instead of overwriting it, it makes a .new file. In fact, I don't think WinTex makes a new clean file at all if there's both an .old and .new file.

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I use wintex to import sounds and images.

I use XWE to import everything else and to clean up. :-p

It seems if you make a wad soley using XWE, wintex can't open it. I made a sound wad using ONLY XWE and it was like "OMFG KEN'T OPEN TEH WAD."

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