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The 9800 Pro AIW Saga - DVD vs. DOOM

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Well, I am writing this in case anyone else out there has similar hadrware, maybe you can save yourself the hours that I did.

System Specs:
1GB Kinston RAM
9800 Pro All in Wonder, SB Live 5.1 Plat.
80 / 120 / 120 GB WD Hard Drives, 8MB
Windows XP SP1

Upon installing Doom3 I ran into several problems, one was the CD emulation bug, got around that, then I ran into a crashing bug. Every time I would load a game...the loading bar would complete and then the game would crash to the desktop. Well I updated to Catalyst 4.7 and this allowed me to play. I had been running a retail install of the drivers, because in my experience running an All in Wonder card...the drivers have so many facets...if it works, don't upgrade without reason!
Well, all was good and I played Doom3 and got scared like a little street urchin with no parents.

Then a few days later, I tried to watch a movie using my AIW card and Rage Theater audio...which outputs AC3 to my speakers via SPDIF. Well the audio and video was all choppy. If I downmixed using the cyberrender option, it was fine. But I want my AC3 damn it. So I did some digging. Well, according to ATI, that is a known issue with Multimedia Center 9.1, but I had not upgraded that. So, I think it is not really based on the MMC, but the display driver. So, I rolled back to retail install (a pain in the ass) and then tried driver combinations until one worked.

Two hours later, I found the sweet spot: Catalyst 4.5 one pack (Includes display drivers, WDM, and DAO), then Multimedia Center 9.0. This combination allows me to play Doom3 and use Rage Theater output playing DVDs. If I move forward in drivers, then the DVD error occurs. If I move back, then I cannot play Doom3.

Now, I would love to to benefit from the performance of Catalyst 4.9s. However, I am running High Quailty at 10x7, not sure of fps, but I am pretty happy with it. In any case, until ATI allows me to do both, I am not gonna give up digital 5.1 for DVDs just to play.

So, if anyone else out there has the same hardware, maybe this will help you.

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I have been playing doom with the cat 4.5 drivers, I never upgraded to 4.7 didnt need to, as you say if it anit broke don't fix it. I am also using the 9.1 multimedia center, have not had any problems with that. Anyway I have got doom running nicely at 1024x768 at high setting, 4x aa and vert sync on. One thing I found was that you need to go into windows/display settings, advanced. Go to 3D tab and select OpenGL, I have it set to 'High Quality' also in that area is a button 'compatibility' select it and enable triple buffering. I find the game runs nice with these settings, I just get a tiny pause when a door opens to new areas.

Sys specs
Radeon AiW 9800pro 128
P4 3.0c w\Asus P4C800-E
1.0 Gig samsung ram
SB Live

PS The game runs smooth at 1200x1024 for me but I start getting snow.

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hmm, im interested to try the 4.5s as it is crashing right now and I am usig the 4.7s... can you give me a link to find the full package for 4.5?

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How did you get around the bug, I can not figure it out. I have removed all my cd copy gear and still get the emulation error. I am running the 9800 pro.

Any help wpuld be greatly appreiciated.


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Thx, but this is a nogo as I have tried. I do not have the burning programs described. I was not able to figure out the nocd exe. I found a program to download but could not unzip the file for some reason.

Still trying

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I sent you an email.
My other advice would be to research SafeDisc 3.2 as that is what the disc uses. Is your CD/DVD drive very hold?
Hunt the forums, sorry wish I had more info. Check your email.

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