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OK Im a total n00b to this board so a few Qs

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I know a decent amount about comps but what I wanna know is how do I tweak D3 to run perfect on

Athalon 3200+
BFG Geforce FX5900XT OC
512 DDR Ram

Also any good guides on tweaking XP for better gaming performance PC gamer had a great one when XP launched but that mag is long gone

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I seriously doubt it'll run perfect on that. The processor and graphics card are great, but if you could get your hands on another 512mb (at least) of ram, that would really help out. With all of that you should be able to run the game on High detail at a good resolution- easily a great experience. But to max out the game's performance you would need a 512mb graphics card.... which isn't out on the market yet.

But don't worry about it. The game should run great on your system, and even better if you upgrade your ram, so you don't have anything to worry about.

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Thanx perfect for me would be high detail at 8x6 Im thinking I should unpack the PKs and change the Cfg file. Honestly my PC is an HP so I need to turn certain things off to make it run leaner I just dunno what to turn on or off

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