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Does unpacking the PK4s screw DOOMEdit?

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Well, I unpacked the PK4s becuase I was DESPERATE need of the performance. Once done, I played Doom3 for a bit then looked at the "How to start the Doom Level Editor" thread thats pinned. I followed the steps listed and...
Error. Nothing specific, but errors in Doom3.exe, GAMEX86.DLL, and a repeat in the error of GAMEX86.DLL. I was wondering if, one, unpacking game00.pk4 would screw up the editor, and two, if my hex-edit on the doom3.exe would have possibly broke it(It doesn't seem to show the same adresses in the errors so I don't see why that would do anything to it.) :)

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hex editing it may break stuff, but unpacking the pk4s doesn't seem to affect the editor for me, though when I ran it I just made a brush and rotated it; no texturing or anything, so shrug... I don't see why that would tho since the actual game runs fine with them unpacked

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Hmm, I'll grab a clean exe from..crap cant do that :P Oh well, suppose I'll have to keep messing with it till it works :P Thanks anyway :D

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