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wide screen monitor

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I'm using a 23 in wide screen monitor and Doom 3 does not fill the monitor. I have tried every resolution. I'm using a Dell game machine at 3.4 GHZ and a Nvidia 6800 GT with 2GB of Ram.Any help would be appreciated

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You can setup custom resolutions using the cvars r_customHeight, r_customWidth, and r_mode.

seta r_customHeight "468"
seta r_customWidth "864"
seta r_mode "-1"

Ad these to your autoexec.cfg in the 'Base' directory.

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Just know that these will stretch the image to fit, it won't be a widescreen rendering. There's been some discussion about supporting this in a future patch, but for now there are no immediate plans. If I or someone else can find the last article about that, please post it.

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