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Delta Labs 1 cant find the way back to main elevator

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Hi guys this is my first topic on this forum, i ve been reading this form for a loong time...And at last i am glad to join you doom maniacs :D

Ok here is the problem...I am in Delta Labs 1...I completed the first 2 objectives which were DATA LINKER and REACTOR POWER...Now the power is back and my next objective is to turn back to main elevator to reach to lower levels...But i couldnt turn back cuz the small lift on the way is broken and i cant go up to reach the elevator, i tried to use the room near control room to go upper levels of reactor by using ladders but it s a dead-end as well...

So how can i go to the main elevator i think i miss something, give me a hand ppl :)

(Sorry for spelling mistakes, english is not my mother-language)

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