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Super Duper Scary Mod

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I had an idea for a Doom 3 mod last night.
I had it after i was using the pistol/flashlight mod. I was thinking that a flashlight would be put on all of the weapons, but then all of the lights on the whole base would be turned off because of a major blackout or something. The monitors and some other light sources could still be left on in some cases just for the creepy effect of that being the only light in a room. I think this would make the game a lot scarier and a lot of fun.

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I think this would be a good idea, except that Doom3 is dark enough as it is, and also you've put this in the wrong forum.

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Hmm, I dont know about this. Some of the areas in the game are too dark as it is, even when using the flashlight. Sometimes it hurts my eyes due to the extreme contrast.

It could work of course. But you'd definitely have to tweak the lights quite a bit.

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