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can someone please tell me in what detail and resolution i can play doom 3 at the best with :

Pentium 4 at 2.4Ghz
1024MB RAM (DDR226)
Radeon 9800 Pro (flashed to XT)

i am hoping i can play it at 1024x768 with "High" details.. and with some antialiasing..

please someone let me know

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Sorry. Your specs are too low. You can't play Doom 3.

Just kidding!

You can probably run at Medium Details at about 800x600 with about 30+ framerate.

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How many frames do you want?
It is really a personal choice. I would oppt for lower settings at a faster framerate.
When you get into big fights, that is where you will see the difference.

The higher the setting, the lower the framerate.

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You can increase the framerate by tweaking a few different option listed on this forum boards.

Here are 2 simple ones:

One way is to make sure you have the latest video drivers.

Another way is to keep your details settings at around medium details, 800x600 for your specs.

This should keep your framerates fairly quick. Which in turn means faster gameplay.

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