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Programm to merge wads?

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Ok! I have it now! But it doesn't work! I can't read some of my ZDoom Maps with this tool! Is there another one?

DeePsea can merge anything into one PWAD. It's available at www.sbsoftware.com/files/deepsea.zip (the one here is old).

You probably are using the Hexen format for ZDOOM, so select the ZDOOMHEXEN project when you install. It's suggested to run your IWAD through ZWADCONV (if you haven't done so yet) and use that as the IWAD. This matches formats, but is not really required to do the merging function.

1. In the editor press F7 (or tool bar option)
2. Select "Merge/Import multiple files into a PWAD"
3. Select "Open Target File" (can be new or existing)
4. Select "Add Files" (as many as you need - can be levels or anything else).
5. Select "Save All Files".


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