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Sound issues with ZDoom

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I recently bought a new computer, now I am using the Terratec Home Arena 5.1 sound system, along with a SB Audigy 2 ZS.

I turned 3D sound on under ZDoom and the sourround sound works fine. However, I experience some nasty subtle crackles on special occasions, especially when I am using the MG, the Chainsaw or the Plasmarifle over a longer period of time. It´s not really a problem, but it´s rather nasty and I caught myself using the shotgun instead of the MG, only not to hear the crackle. So, sound is affecting gameplay. I did not experience any issues in any other game so far, but it also seems to occur in Doom95, though not that much. 3D sound seems to enforce it even.

I swapped speakers to test whether one might be broken but it appears on all channels with all speakers so I thought, maybe it´s an incompatibility with the old Doom sounds and modern speakers. Anyone experiences similar stuff?

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