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Good Scripting Guides/Tutorials?

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uh, yeah, I decided to change my level to ZDoom Doom 2, and obviously I'm gonna throw some scripting in there. I tried loking at some of the docs online, and I'm totally freaking lost. So . . . are there any good, easy to understand guides someone could reccomend, or am I screwed?

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http://www.zdoom.doomworld.com/reference - Guide to each special, but is 5 years old and doesn't cover all the new ones. It is downloadable though, so it's handy to have around as a quick ref for most of the specials.

http://www.zdoom.org/zdkb - A better, more detailed guide to that focuses on special effects and features. This is where I learned quite a lot of stuff, but it is based around WadAuthor and hasn't been updated for years either.

http://www.zdoom.org/ref2/specials/ - A more up-to-date version of the reference guide, although it's not in downloadable form and it's not updated now. Still, it's useful to support the original guide. On the ZDoom timeline it's somewhere in between the original reference guide and the Wiki. (see below)

http://www.zdoom.org/wiki - An all-purpose guide created by the folks at the ZDoom forums. Contains guides for everything, and is constantly being updated with new stuff. This is the place to be (especially if you want to make new monsters and items), although it can be complicated to navigate.

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Wow, I was just about to make a post asking this same question. Awesome.

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